Our Vision

Temple Beit HaYam is an evolving family whose Jewish culture inspires our diverse community to live full, active, meaningful lives infused with the holiness and sacredness of our tradition  passed from generation to generation, and to have an impact on the greater community.


Our Mission

Temple Beit HaYam is a family of families connected by a noble history and an inspiring value system with Jews on the Florida Treasure Coast and throughout the world. We stand together as a Reform Jewish Congregation committed to Torah (life-long Jewish education), avodah (worship through prayer and observance) and gemilut chasadim (the pursuit of justice, peace and deeds of loving kindness). We aim to provide meaningful religious, educational, cultural and social activities for all our members in a warm and inclusive manner. Through these ideals as well as those of social action and tzedakah, we look to add meaning to our lives and the lives of others.