Early Childhood Learning Center

Winter Break Camp Update:


Due to lack of interest and sign up’s we will unfortunately be unable to provide camp this winter break from December 21 – January 3.  ECLC will be closed over these dates and will return to school on January 4th at 8:00 AM.  Again, we are very sorry for this inconvenience and wanted to make sure to provide you with the most notice as possible to arrange alternate plans. 

We understand this causes a hardship to some families and want to help as best we can.  Our dedicated teaching staff would love to help and are available to babysit.  Please do not hesitate to ask the teachers and they may also ask you.  If one of our staff does babysit, please fill out our babysitting release before they come over.  We have it readily available for you when you pick up or drop off your kids…just ask for it! 

We thank you for your understanding during these hard times. 



Thank you to all who donated for our raffle baskets!!


Amy Alpert and Karl Drehobl

Jeff Chaban

The Dowd Family

The Garcia Family

La Kesis Salon

Uptown Art of Jupiter



CONGRATULATIONS to all our raffle winners!



Very Special Thank You to the families and people who have adopted a class!!  We greatly appreciate your help!!


The Koenke Family

The Croisetiere Family

The Rosmarin Family

Evan Gallaher and Family

Nicodemus Family

The Cone Family

Keith S. Kilgallen D.D.S.

The Serafini Family

The Garcia Family

Stephen A. Pinnacoli Esq.

                                                                          The Braid Family

                                                                                                Bruce & Marion Carroll



If you are interested in adopting a class please let us know!

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2020-2021 calendar
Family Handbook 2020.2021 rev. 7.30.2020


COVID-19 PRECAUTIONS – Updated July 30, 2020

Teachers will wear masks when unable to social distance (at least 6 feet). This includes pick-up, delivery of children, and when in communal areas.  

Children will remain in the same classroom throughout the day as much as possible.  

We will take temperature checks throughout the day. Any child or staff with a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher will be sent home. Child or staff member is to remain home for three days.

Health checks will be recorded on Brightwheel.  

Children and staff will wash hands throughout the day including upon every entrance to the classroom (start of day, after recess, etc.).  

No parents, staff, or volunteers other than ECLC staff will be allowed into the school wing with the exception of approved vendors such as cleaning, AC repair, pest control, etc. All vendors will be asked to wear masks if staff and children are present.  

At this time, children are not required to wear masks. Teachers are required to wear masks when not able to social distance.  

All classes have been supplied with hospital grade disinfectant.

 All high touch-points such as door knobs, light switches, pens, etc. will be disinfected throughout the day.  

Parents/Guardians will be required to wear masks in car-line during pick-up and drop-off and when waiting at the front door. Parents/Guardians are expected to remain six feet apart during these times.  

All staff and families of the ECLC agree to act responsibility outside of the ECLC. This includes maintaining social distancing and wearing a mask when in public spaces. The ECLC reserves the right to terminate a staff member or family for any irresponsible action that puts the health and safety of our community at risk.  

Anyone (students, staff, and visitors) who is sick (any fever, respiratory, or gastrointestinal symptoms) or believe they might have COVID-19 should stay home and separate themselves from other people in the home as much as possible. They will be excluded from school until they can answer YES to all the following questions:

  • Has it been at least 10 days since you first had symptoms?
  • Have you been without fever for 24 hours without taking any medicine for fever?
  • Has it been 24 hours since your symptoms have improved?

All rules are subject to change in light of new information.