Donations Summary

Making a donation to Temple Beit HaYam- in times of joy, in times of sorrow, to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays and “just because”,  is the Jewish way. You can perform an act of righteousness by giving tzedakah to a fund that best matches the recipient. Take a look below, and consider the various options the next time you want to express yourself in the most meaningful way!

Adult Education Fund: helps cover the expense of providing guest speakers and educators.


Building Maintenance Fund: helps in maintaining our Temple building.

Caring Community Fund: provides meals to Jewish nursing home residents at the holidays and to ill congregants and other such mitzvot.

Robert and Marion Cummings Scholarship Fund: collecting funds to provide scholarships for Early Childhood Learning Center students.

ECLC Fund: collecting funds to maintain a Jewish Early Childhood Learning Center serving Martin County.

General Fund: the operating fund that supports everything the congregation does.

Library Fund:  provides funding to increase holdings.

Marvin Mastroff Memorial Fund: provides funding for special dedicatory items and projects.

Music Fund: makes it possible for the Temple to invite more well-known musicians for services.

Prayer Book Fund: dedication of prayer books in honor or memory of a loved one.

Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund: allows the Rabbi to provide individual assistance and to further the goals of our congregational community.

Religious School Fund: provides for our education programs.

Torah Restoration Fund: provides funds to restore our Torah scrolls.

Security Fund: provides funding to enhance our security system and keep up with the constant changing technology to continue to keep our building and community safe.

Yahrzeit Fund: a special place to memorialize your loved ones.

Youth Group Fund: provides funding for youth group activities and programs.

Youth Leadership Fund: provides funding for youth participation in national and regional youth activities and training sessions.

Youth Israel Fund: provides funding for our youth to participate in recognized youth Israel programs.

On-Line Donation

Mail-In Donation


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