Donations, Gifts and Payments

Jewish tradition teaches us to give generously to honor the memories of loved ones, to celebrate special occasions, and to help repair the world. Temple Beit HaYam offers unique opportunities to fulfill the mitzvah of tzedakah through the funds listed below.

  • Adult Education Fund — helps cover the expense of providing guest speakers and educators
  • Building Fund — helps in making the monthly mortgage payments for our building
  • Caring Community Fund — provides meals to Jewish nursing home residents at the holidays and to ill congregants and other such mitzvot
  • Event Programming Fund — to allow us to create and provide new programs and holiday celebrations which were not budgeted
  • General Fund — helps offset the daily operating expenses incurred in keeping the synagogue open
  • Library Fund — provides funding to increase holdings
  • Early Childhood Education (Pre-School) Fund — collecting funds to start and maintain a Jewish early childhood education center serving Martin County
  • Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund — allows the Rabbi to provide congregational and individual assistance and benefit the community
  • Religious School Fund — helps provide funding in the normal school operations
  • Scholarship Fund — provides funds to the children of those families unable to meet tuition requirements
  • Yahrzeit Fund — a special place to memorialize your loved ones
  • Youth Leadership Fund — provides funding for youth participation in national and regional youth activities and training sessions
  • Youth Israel Fund — provides funding for our youth to participate in recognized youth Israel programs
  • Music Fund – provides funds to bring in Live Musical Artists for Shabbat and other musical activities
  • Torah Restoration Fund – provides funds to help restore panels in the Torahs that are housed in our Ark