Judaism is not a spectator sport. To be a Jew is to be part of a Jewish community that enriches our lives with joy and fulfillment. Membership at Temple Beit HaYam is an experience of lasting friendships, stimulating learning, meaningful worship, and the peace that comes with finding a spiritual home. Join Temple Beit HaYam and become part of a family.

Temple Beit HaYam is one of a handful of congregations in the nation to scrap its dues system and replace it with a pledge system. Instead of paying an assigned fixed dues amount, our members pledge the amount they wish to contribute as their financial commitment. Each year, the Temple calculates the average level of giving needed to support our programs and services based on our operating budget. The majority of our members pledge at this sustaining level or higher. Those who are not able to pledge at the sustaining level strive to come as close as their finances will allow.

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